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Seasons of Steam


Seasons of Steam by Steamscenes. copyright 2005. Hardcover. 104 pages. The contributors to Seasons of Steam have tried to convey the thrill of photographing steam today. Is it possible that pictures of preserved steam could equal those taken during the so-called 'Glorious Years'? You be the judge, as you join Andrew Bell, Bob Green, Nils Huxtble, John Leck, Dick Manton, David Rodgers, Pete Skelton, Make Tyack and Peter Van Campenhout on this visual steam journey around Britain. Seasons of Steam concentrates on steam in the landscape. Each page invites you, not to turn back the clock, not to lament the loss of a favourite engine or railway line, but to celebrate Britain's steam heritage, to marvel at what has been saved. Seasons of Steam pays tribute to the Railway Preservation Movement, to the volunteers and railwaymen who have been instrumental in making these pictures a reality.