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Snow Busting


<div>Enjoy unusal and exciting stam train action on the Cumbres an Toltec. Watch winter run by's with freight consists, ad well as three different trips of snow cleaning with the stream power bucking snow and using vintage Flanger OJ. Also former Rio Grande Lettering on these charters. Includes:</div><div>Snow busting with pilot plow on engine 489 for two trips and engine 487 later. Dramatic action run by's between Antonito and Sublette during 2014-2016. Regular photo run by's with different consists in the lower elevations. Onboard shots behind the flanger as we see the engine plowing and the flanger. Watch the crew get 489 free of the snow at Big Horn Wye in 2015. Several scenes where more than one attempts is made to bust through the snow. Great Steam action with lots of slipping and plumes of smoke. Not one but THREE trips on the successive years to get snow busting winter action. Limited narration, live audio and color photography by Ron Burkehard. 93 minutes plus extra previews. Wide screen Standard Definition.  <br></div>