Terms and Conditions

Refunds will not be made in the event of inclement weather.

Our Cancellation Policy: Tickets for all trains are non-refundable. We understand that given certain circumstances you may need to move your trip out to another date or excursion. We are happy to do so if capacity allows. Changes to a reservation such as date, time, or type of car are subject to a $6.00 fee per ticket regardless of when the change is made. All changes must be made prior to the original trip date. All ticket changes must be used within 90 days of the original trip booked. After 90 days of the first trip booked, tickets and funds are forfeit.

In the event of a no-show or late arrival, no refunds will be offered. We do reserve the right to sell your ticket if you do not check in at will call 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. No refunds will be given.

Delays & Service Interruptions: While every effort is made to maintain our schedules, mechanical issues, or weather conditions, may cause delays, or in rare cases, train cancellations. The Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad Company will not be held liable for any delays or cancellations, whatever the cause. Our trips run regardless of the weather unless conditions become unsafe for operations. Refunds will not be made in the event of inclement weather if the train still runs.

Accessibility: We have a ramp and accessible car and restroom on during the summer season. For our holiday and winter express we have access to our lounge cars. If you use a wheelchair please inform us on your reservation in the comments.

Car Information: General Seating: - summer. Seats are padded and facing outward towards the scenery. Seats are located both indoor and outdoor. Several have a roof, some have no covering. All seating is on a first come first served basis. Boarding takes place one half hour before departure.
Lounge Car: winter express and holiday express, summer options: Seats are grouped in tables with seating for 1-2 on a fir table and 1-4 for a spruce table. Seating options include table and padded booth seating. They are fixed and assigned seats. We try to staff a lounge car attendant per car that is booked. On occasion due to illness or other needs, we may not be able to staff the car. In that event we encourage people to go to the concession car for their snacks and beverages. Lounge cars are heated in the winter. We do try to keep them comfortable, however not everyone's definition of comfortable is the same. Please speak nicely to your attendant if you desire the heat turned up or down. They shall act in the best interest of all passengers.

Although unlikely, the Leadville Railroad may change your seat selection for any reason. Reasons include: an unexpected service interruption to your selected car, reseating to accommodate another passenger with special needs, needing to accommodate all passengers on a busy trip. Directives of the staff must be adhered to at all times.

The Leadville Railroad and its agents reserve the right to refuse service or de-board passengers for disruptive or offensive behavior.

Passengers are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages or firearms on the train. Smoking is not allowed on board the Leadville Railroad (this includes e-cigarettes and other similar devices.)

Train FYI

The Leadville Railroad train offers roundtrip train rides.

They are narrated for half of the trip.

Concessions are on board for sale.

Restrooms are on board the train.

Bring your own food and drinks, you may not bring alcohol on board. We do sell alcohol in the concession car.

In Summer and fall, animals are allowed on the train in the general seating with signature of the animal waiver, any and all animals are subject to the waiver. For the Holiday and Winter Express trips no animals are allowed on the train.

Strollers and Car Seats are not recommended in the lounge car. Please leave these items in your vehicle.

Weather Conditions: We are at 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Even our summers are cool. Bring layers and dress warm. You should bring layers for all weather conditions. In the winter it can be below freezing if you leave the heated lounge cars. It is your responsibility to review the weather conditions before your arrival. Refunds will not be made in the event of inclement weather if the train still runs.