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  • Fire up the #332 Steam Locomotive

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    During this year's operating season, the DM&IR #332 could be steamed up and pulling excursions on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. But we need your help to finish the job.

    It’s full steam ahead for DM&IR #332 this year with plans to train the crew, certify the engine and run excursions to Two Harbors and back on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. The Steam Team is going to be meet in spring/summer work on the engine and start a training program for engineers and firemen.

    Last fall the engine passed its Federal Railroad Administration hydro test. All that remains for certification this year is to fire up the engine for FRA approval. That will probably happen before Memorial Day. Then there will be several training runs and a schedule of excursion in late summer and fall announced after that.

    You can support the locomotive's designated fund here.

    Learn more about the project at


  • Lake Superior Railroad Museum Foundation

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    The Lake Superior Railroad Museum's Foundation has a mission to secure the future of our museum, by investing today to preserve yesterday’s memories for tomorrow’s generations.

    With a donation, a monthly, or annual commitment, or a legacy gift to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum Foundation, you can continue the efforts of so many others who understand, as you do, that the Railroads of America helped to build America.

    To learn more about larger donations or estate planning. Please contact us directly! Ken Buehler at 218-733-7502

  • Contribute an extra buck to the Shop Fund

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    shopThis railroad is fortunate to have hundreds of dedicated volunteers who keep our historic trains in the best shape possible. Ongoing efforts to restore and repair these trains requires funds to buy parts and complete projects.

    A few extra dollars contributed today can have lasting effects for future generations. Please consider a donation to the shop projects.

    Inside the Draper Maintenance Facility at the Railroad Museum, there is always a project going on, currently with a repair on a very important GP30 locomotive, a cosmetic restoration for a unique steam locomotive display, as well as safety repairs on the open-air car used on excursions. 

  • Power-up the #3617

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    Your help is needed to get an historic Northern Pacific SD45 #3617 diesel locomotive up and running and put back in service doing what she was built to do…pull trains. Only seven of these powerful engines are preserved in Museum’s today. Right now only one of them is running. We’re working to change that.

    In order to get the locomotive functional, some equipment is needed to make it work.
    Thank you!

  • General Railroad Museum Donation

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    Support the Lake Superior Railroad Museum with a donation to our general fund. Donations sent here go to the general operating funds of the museum and are usually allocated towards projects that support the mission of the museum to Preserve, interpret, and present to the public, the history of railroading, especially as it relates to the area.

     The best way to support is by becoming a member, but if you don't want to do that, this is a great place to donate and remain anonymous.

  • Restoring MNS #11

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    Locomotive MNS #11 has been slated for cosmetic restoration to restore it to its original Minnesota, Northfield, & Southern (MNS) livery in the coming year.

    Retired as Hallett Dock #11, it was donated to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in 2005. It is one of only three remaining intact models of this locomotive type in existence and served its entire operating life in Minnesota.

    Your support will go directly into a fund for the restoration of this special engine to its original look when it entered service in 1946. Contributions to this project go directly to its designated fund, and work is planned over the 2023-2024 winter. At the same time, we will do an inspection to potentially get it operational again. But for now, it is planned a cosmetic restoration for display.