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The Lake Superior Railroad Museum
offers an up-close look at the history of rail travel. Admission is discounted with train excursion reservations. Call today!

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Photographers Pro Club
Thank you so much for being an awesome photographer and contributing your talents and train images to the community.

Below is a donation form where you can contribute to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum's efforts to restore railroad equipment and when possible keep it running, for photographers like you to get great photos of.

A donation of $250 or more will include a complimentary "Missabe 193 level" membership to the Railroad Museum.

Please consider donating appropriately and later sharing your photos with our social media pages and other locations. Thank you!
  Donate $25 Donate $50 Donate $100 Donate #250
Donation (Qunatity) $25.00 $50.00 $100.00 $250.00
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