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The Lake Superior Railroad Museum
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Tuesday June 22, 2021 1:00 PM
Caboose Crewz Package
Departing from Duluth Depot
Ride for a flat rate fee for up to 10 people in the caboose, attached to the Duluth Zephyr, 75 minute ride. Enjoy the narrated tour, while exploring and climbing in the caboose. A cooler of soda/water and chips are available to you, included with the ride.

You can have anywhere from 1 person to 10 people on the ride, for the flat-rate fee of $175 for the trip. The caboose is not accessible to/from the rest of the train. So riders are confined to the caboose and it is a private space, along with a car attendant who will ride with everyone to answer questions and assure your safety.

Please note that this is a historic working caboose. It is not a luxurious Pullman car. It is the chance to experience what life is like for the workers on the railroad. 

Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the caboose, this is not a wheelchair accessible ride. However, folks with limited mobility can access the caboose with 3 short steps to enter the lower level of the caboose.

A cooler of non-alcoholic beverages is available for caboose passengers, and light snacks (chips/candy).

Admission to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum is included with a purchase of a "caboose crewz package" for you and your group.
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