Tennessee Valley Railroad Donation

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East Chattanooga Enhancement

For over 40 years, East Chattanooga and the Soule Shops complex has been the core of TVRM’s restoration efforts. As TVRM has grown, we have added a warehouse facility, and future plans call for adding a railcar storage yard to the complex. Development will include construction of security fencing, storage tracks, and, in future years, covered railcar storage.

Equipment Fund

Each year TVRM devotes a considerable portion of its cash flow to restoring to operation additional rolling stock. The recent donation of two coaches coupled with increased operating levels has demonstrated a need to produce additional self-contained coaches for use at both TVRM and on the Hiwassee line. Donations to this fund will augment funds taken from operating cash flow to achieve this goal.

General Fund

TVRM’s unrestricted donation fund. Donations can be used for any purpose including operating expenses, debt reduction or capital improvements.

Grand Junction Development

The increase in events held at Grand Junction have underscored the need for a enclosed multi-purpose building capable of hosting exhibitions, educational programs, entertainment and special events. For many years TVRM has rented tents to provide this capability, but that has been only a stop-gap measure as a permanent facility has become more necessary.

Mortgage Payoff

Donations are used to fund current payments on several property mortgages at both East Chattanooga and Grand Junction. These donations allow operating funds to be used for capital improvements.

One-in-a-Million Endowment Fund

Donations to fund are held in an endowment account with only the investment earnings used for museum expenses.