Professional call center services, 24/7

DTS integrates fully with your website and powers online sales. But not every customer buys online. No problem. Through a partnership with a respected call center provider, DTS includes 24/7 telephone support.

DTS has decades of experience in the tourist railroad industry. Our call center partner has even more experience – over 60 years’ worth, in the travel industry. Together, we bring secure, professional and world-class call center services to your railroad, whenever you need it, 24/7.

The DTS Call Center is located in the continental U.S. and is independently certified PCI DSS compliant for level-2 credit card security

You retain all the management and reporting benefits DTS provides; your call center representatives access DTS directly and securely.

  • Serve guests without Internet access or who prefer to order by phone.
  • Provide personalized telephone service around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Relieve staff and volunteers of administrative tasks.
  • Use your existing phone number.
  • Turn coverage on and off as needed.
  • Spanish-speaking operators come standard and additional languages are available.
  • Completely customizable: workflow and FAQs are developed to meet the specific operational needs of your railroad.
  • Fully tracked and reportable: Call Center sales are detailed in your DTS Sales Reports.