Going Beyond Tickets

Relationship Management Tools
Relationship Management Tools

The world has no shortage of ticketing systems, event management systems, crew management systems and more. Some even work for tourist railroads. Kind of.

But Dynamic Ticket Solutions goes beyond ticketing. Way beyond. And DTS was conceived, designed and custom-built for the tourist railroad industry.

Driven by data, DTS empowers relationships. It puts complete control of relationships at your fingertips, maximizing the potential of each and every interaction: riders, donors, volunteers, members, groups and all the constituents you interact with, every day.

The best part: DTS costs you almost nothing. All you need to harness the power of DTS is Internet connectivity and off-the-shelf hardware, which you probably already own. Once DTS is in place, all fees are covered with a modest surcharge on ticket sales.

Tourist railroads from coast to coast use DTS to leverage those relationships for greater activity and repeat businesssupercharging stability, expansion and performance.

That’s the power of DTS.